The secret to marital bliss

This is a hard-won lesson from being around women most of my life.

You can’t win.

Yes dear 02Logic doesn’t enter in to any discussion so don’t even go there.

The only correct answer is, “Yes dear”.

The wife wants to go to Japan with her friends next year.
Yes dear.

You don’t mind?
Yes dear, I don’t – have a good time.

Do you want to come?
Yes dear, but you know as a member of the disabled club I can’t walk that much and I’d be a drag.

So you really don’t mind?
Yes, dear.

Big hug.

Are you beginning to see how this works?

I’ve gotten along fairly well with most of the ladies in my life following that rule.
Except for two.

Yes dear vectorOne slapped my face.

I probably asked for it.

Maybe I forgot to say, “Yes dear”.

The other is Lady Luck.

I’ve always felt I’ve lived a charmedĀ life but she and I must have a serious discussion before I go to Vegas at the end of the year.

She can be a bit flighty and I’d like to have her full attention this time.

I’m looking at adding to the retirement fund in a big way.
Some help here would be appreciated.

I’m sure some of you he-men out there are shaking your head over this.

Listen, “Yes dear” doesn’t mean you’re a wuss andĀ giving in.

It means keeping the little lady happy.
Then – go do what you want.

After she finds out and calls you an idiot, you say…
Yes dear.

And move on.

It really is that simple.

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