Message to Hawaiian Airlines: Don’t you dare

Once in a while I stumble across something that you’ll want to know about.

This qualifies.

There are stupid ideas and there are very stupid ideas.
This falls firmly in category number two.

And if this doesn’t make you grumpy, we should have coffee because you’re obviously a very rare individual and I need you in my life.

Airbus is the European company that makes planes in competition with U.S. made Boeing.
You most likely have flown on one.

In fact, if you get on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to the mainland, that’s an Airbus.

The folks in the top corporate towers of Airbus think they have the answer to jamming more people on a plane.

Look at this…AirBus-seats-sized

Airbus has filed a patent for a seat that packs people in without those pesky space wasting cushions, folding tables and leg space.

What it has is basically a bicycle seat, and when a seat isn’t being used, it folds vertically to save space.

Just genius.

Can you imagine plumping your butt into that thing for your yearly six-hour pilgrimage to the mainland?

Flying-on-the-plane-sizedThe idea is to cram more people on the plane and make more money.

Capitalism at it’s best.

Since we’re talking about stupid ideas, I offer this to Airbus.

This could be the next big thing.

Airbus says most people would go along with it if it makes the flight cheaper.
The scary thing it’s probably right.

feet-on-plane-sizedSome of you folks are really cheap.
And weird.

In a further rare bit of honesty, Airbus says packing more people on board is going to result in “reduced” comfort.

It goes on to say – the goal is basically to figure out how far they can push things without causing an airborne revolt.
Duh again.

Who came up with this stupid idea?

The French side of the company.
Mais bien sûr.

It figures.

If you’re on the mainland you can drive or ride the train.

We’re not doing that here.
Consider yourself stuck with whatever they give you.

Listen up Hawaiian Air – don’t go there.

You don’t want to see me get any more grumpy than I am.

For the curious, here’s the patent application.
Read it and weep.

Now I’m in a bad mood.

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