Why is Hawaiian Air not doing this?

Give me a moment of your time.

You’ll understand this is important.

It’s been several years since I first heard of the Delta Honor Guard.

It’s a group of employees and baggage handlers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

They meet every Delta plane carrying a fallen soldier.
Or in this case repatriated remains from the Korean War.

This is what they do.

And they do it with pride and love.

American soldiers are still going in harm’s way all over the world.

To my knowledge Hawaiian Airlines does not do something like this.

For the life of me – I can’t understand – why not?

For a company that says it cares so much about people this should be a given.

You can bet Hawaiian Air workers would flock to join.

You can bet almost any active duty soldier would want to volunteer his or her time to show those workers how to be an honor guard.

I once wrote a nice email to the PR folks at Hawaiian asking them to consider it.
I offered to assist in finding the appropriate military assistance.

I never heard back.
That sucked but the offer still stands.

Someone out there reading this knows someone who’s a big shot with Hawaiian.

Forward this to them and then ask, “why not?”

Ask them how they possibly could not do something like this.
Aren’t they ashamed that there are those who think they don’t care?

If they say it costs too much money then please give them hell for me.
They deserve it.

Then let me know the answer so I can share it with everyone.

We all should be a little grumpy over this.

Update: Ten days have gone by. Nothing from Hawaiian Air – or anyone. Sorry to say I’m not surprised. Maybe I should organize a picket line. That always gets attention.

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