Okay, I’m a lousy brother

“Call your sister and wish her happy birthday”

The wife enters my office.

Birthday Cake 02I already wished her happy birthday on Facebook.

A cake with 500 candles was included.

It probably started a 20 acre brush fire somewhere in Arizona.

“You should call her”

I’m busy right now.

“Your sister wants to talk with you”

My sister’s an old-fashioned lady.
She knows how to use the phone.

“So you’re not going to call her?”

She’s probably out with her 153 family members having a party somewhere.

Anyway, we’ll see her when we go mooch Thanksgiving dinner in November.

“That’s 5 months away. You should call your sister”

One has to understand the wife’s never gone more than 18 hours without checking in with each and every girlfriend.

For her five months is an eternity.
For me – it’s like almost next week.

Tell you what – here’s my phone.
You call her.

“You want me to call her?”

You’re the one that thinks we should talk to her right now.
And you’ll be the one yacking to her all night.

“So you’re not going to call your sister? She loves you.”

And I love her.
I just don’t have anything to say besides happy birthday and I already did that.

“Your not going to call her?”

This is starting to go in circles.

I’ve been saying that for the past 10 minutes.
And I’m busy.

“What kind of brother are you?”

Obviously a bad one.

Also a grumpy one if this continues much longer.

I called her.

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