Selfies and duck lips

I’m trying to get a handle on selfies.

I was sitting there like a gentleman at one of the wife’s reunion events in Vegas and some of the people were taking their own picture with a cell phone and posting it somewhere.

I always figured taking a picture of yourself and posting it on Facebook was because you didn’t have any friends to hold the camera for you.

Or maybe it’s because you’re doing something you’re embarrassed to ask for help with.

Here’s how I got to that…

If you’re a guy the selfie is usually some shirtless manly pose in a mirror making gang symbols with your hands.

Duck lipsIf you’re a girl you are most likely making duck lips while thinking to yourself how stunning this must look.

It’s all really kinda strange.

The Internet is filled with selfies of Miley Cyrus with her tongue hanging out, former Congressman Anthony Weiner with his stuff hanging out and lots and lots of duck lips.

I supposed I should explain duck lips for those living in Kahala.

This is a face used in many teenage Facebook pictures.

They stick their lips out in a fashion that resembles a duck’s beak.

It’s supposed to be seductive, although why anyone would think ducks or those women are sexy, is beyond my understanding.

I strongly suggest you stay away from people that do this.
Prolonged exposure may cause brain cell damage.

Now, this is not to be confused with a kissy face, which is a girl making a face as if she were about to kiss someone.

This is an okay face under the circumstances if:

A) She is in a relationship and sending it to her significant other traveling far away

B) Blowing kisses to her mom or dad through Skype

C) It’s Valentines day

corporate-meeting-sizedIf it is not under these circumstances, then it’s just as bad as duck lips.

I have one piece of advice. Remember what your mother used to say…

“You keep making that face and it’ll get stuck that way.”

That should look interesting in your next company meeting.

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