Exploding love

I’ve always believed it was my calling to present things that enrich people’s lives.

I have scoured the Internet to find the most wonderful Valentines Day present and believe I have outdone myself this time.

As we all know, some of the most wonderful stuff comes from Japan, like pachinko.

Bra01From the lingerie company Ravijour – a bra that only unhooks for true love.

I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but at my age it really makes no difference.

Its name is the “True Love Tester”.

I think naming it the “Wonderful Exploding Delight” would be better.

Sleazy guys, like I was in my youth, are locked out.

You see, supposedly the bra only comes undone when electronic stuff hidden inside detect a particular heart rate that signals…love.

I can hear my doctor yucking about this now.
Me too…but let’s continue.

The bra connects wirelessly with the lady’s smart phone and an app waits to see a special heart rate.

The company says it signals love, and the gates to happiness are…unlocked.


As you can from this company’s scientifically produced chart, everything has a special line all its own except…love.

Let us assume they want to keep it a secret, shall we?

Bra-kapowHere comes the special surprise…

When it sees this special heart rate – the bra kinda just blows open in the front.

I’m laughing so hard I’m going to throw up.

And the lady has nothing to say about this unveiling.

If her heart gets all a-twitter, it’s show-me-the-money time.
Ready or not.

Let that image rest in your mind for a minute.

What better way to show your love then having your chest explode in the middle of a restaurant or while you and your honey are visiting the family?

And not surprisingly, you just know some ladies will buy it.

You might want to make note of this for Valentine’s Day.
Or maybe not.

How can anyone be grumpy after this.

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