My greatest award

There’s little doubt I’ve lived a charmed life for which I’m grateful.

Mostly it’s been real good.
And the few bad things weren’t go to jail material.

I’ve had eight different careers which should give you some idea of how long I have been working.
Life has not been boring.

I know a lot of stuff, most of it worthless.
But I’m fun to have at a party after a beer or two.

Over the years I’ve been honored to be the recipient of a number of awards.

Some because I showed up sober and fit for work.
Some because I screwed up and actually did a good job.
Some because I was just standing around when they were handed out.

Regardless, all are appreciated and a few were suitable for framing.

They went on my I Love Me wall.

Everyone should have one.

Whenever you’re feeling worthless and ugly, which I’m sure is rare, cruise by all that stuff hanging on the wall and instantly feel wonderful again.

But back to me…

Friday a government agency presented me with the best yet.

I’m the only one in the State of Hawaii to have been given this particular one.

Truly one-in-a-million.
How many can say that?

It’s not on my wall but it goes with me almost everywhere to proclaim my specialness to the world at large.

The wife says it suits me perfectly.
Apparently the government agrees.
Grump PlateIs this great or what?

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