Beginning the long goodbye

I picked up her ashes from the vet’s today.

It’s amazing how little the box is.

Not much left overĀ from 10 pounds and a lot of years and memories.

It’s funny the things one thinks about at this time.

I asked the vet for a “private” cremation.

That means she was to be cremated separate from other animals, not in a pile of other dogs and cats.

It’s important to me the ashes I get back are from her – not some mixture of God knows what.

When it’s important to you, you wonder if that’s what they really did.

No one is watching – just do all the animals together.

No one will ever know.

It’s not important to them and it’s easier, faster and saves them money.

And you know that happens, maybe not at this place the vet sent her – but it happens because some businessesĀ don’t care.

Short of peeking through the window late at night there’s no way to ever know.

It’s amazing the things we come up with to torture ourselves.

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