Maybe it’s time to go home

Taco-Bell-MenuThe limit of my Spanish is ordering stuff from the Taco Bell menu, badly.

On the mainland, it’s a big deal because something like a bunch of the population is Hispanic.

So the argument these days is whether people should speak English or something else at work.

Here’s the latest flap…

A LA school cafeteria has posted a sign for workers saying they should speak only English during working hours – for safety reasons.

As you can imagine – that has raised a ruckus.

One parent says, “I understand that we’re in America, but they should also understand that Latinos are one-third of the population here, especially in L.A.”

I say, “Okay, so?”

I’m scratching my head over all this.

If I moved to Mexico City, should I expect everyone to speak English just because I’m there?

Maybe we then should be speaking Japanese because so many Hawaii tourists are from that country.

Here in Hawaii we take pride in being in this state.
First, we’re Hawaii folks.

Second, we’re from a certain high school.

Then we have or share a certain ethnic background.

Other than that, nobody cares.
We marry each other, hang out with each other and speak a language that contains a smattering of a dozen other languages.

Then we go to work and speak English.

I realize each and every person thinks they’re special.
Guess what – you are – but only in your special way.

This may come as a surprise to some people but they aren’t more special than me or that person over there, or there.

People come to this country for a better life, greater opportunity.

Practice-Engilsh-for-FreeMany have availed themselves of the free programs that educate and support them while they make the transition.

They have gone on to make positive, even amazing contributions to our nation.

They became Americans and our country is better for it.

Hunkering down in a small area, determined to make your place just like “home” does nothing for the person or society as a whole.

Trying to make their place just the like one they left just creates the problems they are trying to get away from.
Or is that too difficult to understand?

I don’t get it.
If someone really wants a place to be like the one they left – then go back.

Oh yea – the opportunities.

Guess what?
They only exist if they make an effort to join society.

I’m beginning to understand what my grandfather meant when he said we’re all going to hell in a handbasket.

Me hace mal humor.

2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s time to go home

  1. Hey, Grumpy

    Not to worry. Those who try to speak the language of the country they are enjoying at the moment (tourist, immigrant, worker, etc.) are the ones who want to contribute to that country. And a lot of them do.

    We also see a lot of people in this country who are non-contributors. Some of them speak other languages because they are too lazy to learn it … and some of them only speak English. Arrgh!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. One can just imagine France or Germany kowtowing to American ex-pats who lived there. When in Rome, do as the Romans. The U.S. is the patsy of the world.

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