Lying to my stomach is a bad thing

I’m a nice guy and nowhere as grumpy as I paint myself.

Ask any of my wife’s girlfriends.
Don’t ask the wife.

I’m also old-fashioned and that’s a good thing.

I hold doors for people, say please and thank you and do what I say I will.

TGI-Fridays LogoRemember TGI Fridays?
They used to be in the building across from the Blaisdell.

They closed up years ago and that was the last time I was in one of those places.

Until last Saturday.

The wife and I were still living on Hawaii time when the rest of the world was 3 hours ahead of us.

The slots were not in a giving mood and we were hungry.

Well, there was a TGI Friday in the hotel so we dropped in.

Since it had been years, and we were hungry, that’s where we went.

In-here-it's-always-frida-sizedBig sign over the door, “In here, it’s always Friday”.

Remember that.
It’s important.

I ordered this yummy looking soup and sandwich thingy off the menu.

I was feeling happy.

The lady sever-person says, “Sorry, that’s only available Monday through Friday”.

Remember this was Saturday.

Lunch-stuff-menu-sizedBut the sign says “It’s always Friday”.

“I’m sorry, Monday through Friday only”.

She points to the small print on the menu.

I point to the sign “In here, it’s always Friday.”

The lady won’t bend.
The sign lied.

What’s a person to do?

Telling her TGI Fridays is a liar is not a good way to start off anyone’s day.

Being a polite person I picked something else.

I ate my second choice and then went out and beat on a slot machine until it coughed up $300.

I may have found the secret to getting those slot machines to pay off.

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