The death of the front porch chair

This might as a surprise to some but it appears I am a voyeur at heart.

I never knew this lurked within my pristine and beautiful soul.

surveillance-camera1I recently installed a bunch of video surveillance cameras around the house.

My home looks like a classified military facility.

You never know when the bad guys will come.

If the law won’t let me shoot them – at least I can get their picture for hanging at the post office.

Most of the cameras are pointing at boring stuff like doors and empty rooms.

But one shows my driveway looking out to the street.

This is so it’ll catch the delinquents driving by checking things out at 2 in the morning or checking out the wife’s car in the driveway.

Are-you-watching-me-sizedI’m finding myself staring at my monitor much of my free time just watching the road.

I could step outside the front door and do the same thing, in better color, but this is mesmerizing.

I should get a life.

This could be the 21st century version of the front porch chair.
If I had a front porch.

I feel like the guy in the Matrix or some weird movie about a psycho peeping tom.


The wife gets to pull out her phone at work and check the cameras to see if I’m throwing a party.
Gotta fix that.

We’ve come a long way from where no one locked their doors when I was a kid.

We could play in the street until 9 o’clock and not worry about some maniac teenager on drugs doing wheelies down the road.

The only traffic was the mosquito truck and it was great fun running behind it breathing in the oily DDT stuff.

Of course they got banned because the oily DDT stuff would kill you.
But it didn’t.

Lots of camerasNow if my network goes down and the cameras die I get all crazy because I can’t see what’s happening in the world outside my house.

I may end up having to get a front porch chair.
If I had a front porch.

Makes me grumpy.

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