What’s that smell?

One of the highlights of my week occurs when I am able to introduce you to a new product that is absolutely worthless.

CH4And this is.

May I present the CH4.

I have no idea how the geniuses behind this came up with that name.

Place it near your rear end and it will measure the amount of gaseous emissions from your nether regions.

Wait – there’s more…

Pair it with an app on your iPhone that tracks the foods you eat.

It compares the food with the amount you poof, and you’ve got one handy device.

CH4-03Strap the CH4 to your belt or slide it into your back pocket and it will measure how often you poof too.

Did you know the average person makes gaseous dischargous an average of 13 times a day?

Mostly in elevators I suspect.

If you had the CH4 you would see how you compare to the average person.

I bet you’re special.

The scientific idea behind this is what you eat plays a big role in how much and how often you emit.

With a device that tracks your gases and correlates with your food choices, you can now get the whole picture.
So to speak.

You track the food you eat in the iPhone app, and you’ll know which specific food ingredients are making you toot.

CH4-02Now that you’re excited – the bad news.

You’ll never get one.

The project didn’t get funded.

They were asking $180,000.
They raised $3,824.

To be honest, I’m at a loss as to why this happened, besides it was a real dumb idea.

Considering the sophistication level of some people, I thought it would be a winner.

Shows you what I know.

I really wanted to see it succeed.
Now I’m grumpy.

One thought on “What’s that smell?

  1. now that’s a shame; would’ve lowered the world’s unpleasantness [if applied] not to mention ozone depletion

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