Halloween without candy is like Christmas without presents

I’ve been had.

Out witted…
Out played…
Out lasted.

The wife finally wins a big one.

Halloween Candy 01-sizedHalloween is something I look forward to with great anticipation.

It’s the one time I get to make a big grab for candy.

The wife lays in a stash for the monsters in the neighborhood and I get first dibs.

For years she’s tried to cut me out of the process.

She’s hid the stuff.
Didn’t work.

She’s waited until the last-minute.
Didn’t work.

She’s scolded and threatened.
Didn’t work.

I’d always grab the best of the best leaving the stuff I don’t like for the neighborhood goblins.

Then our kids came over for dinner and laundromat last Saturday night.

The queen of the house asks the granddaughter what candy does she like to get at Halloween.


For Halloween?

What the hell is going on here?
Someone call the press.

My little princess says everybody likes ramen and chips in their Halloween bag.
That’s nuts.

I’m sure keeping a nine-year old away from cavities and a sugar rush is a good thing, but you see where this is going.

Kid with noodles-sizedNow the wife says she’s gonna get Ramen and noodles and chips to hand out Halloween Eve.

No candy.

The neighborhood kids have been screwed.

I’ve been screwed.

Damn am I grumpy.

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