Being a bit dumb in the rain

I have spent more than 30 years working with Civil Defense with the City.
Yes, it’s got a different name now but does the same stuff.

I have hundreds of hours in the middle of floods, hurricanes, storms, whatever.
I’ve directed traffic, evacuated people, fought brush fires and pulled drunks out of car wrecks.

Flooded road 24Jul2016One thing I have never understood is why people try to drive through a flooded road too fast or too deep.

They almost always end up stalled and sitting, looking stupid, with two feet of water in their car.

Is it because they are incapable of understanding what might happen?

Or maybe they’re missing too many brain cells to figure it out.

I guess that’s the same thing.

There’s really only two things to remember.
Maybe writing it down and pasting it on the dashboard might help:

1) Drive through deep water too fast and the water will pile up in front of your car, move into the engine compartment and kill the engine.
If water gets into the engine through the intake manifold while it’s running, it’ll destroy the engine.

2) Try to drive through water too deep and water gets onto the engine compartment, no matter how slow you’re going, and kill the engine.
If it gets into the intake manifold while it’s running it’ll destroy the engine.

It’ll also flood your car’s interior making it a piece of expensive, moldy junk.

Almost without exception, when I came up on one of these scenes, the driver was a young guy or a woman.
Figure out your own reasons – I’m not going there.

Seriously, if the road has a foot of water on it, don’t go there.
If there is about 6 inches of water on it, go real slow.

It’s not hard to remember.

Lecture over.

I feel better, thank you.

5 thoughts on “Being a bit dumb in the rain

  1. There are sooo many ignorant people on the road these days who will do exactly as mentioned above, get frustrated, angry, swear, kick the car, yell at the car, yell at others…..all due to stupidity.

  2. Too many people saw The Spy Who Loved Me where the car turns into a submarine…and a plane! Seriously people don’t understand a lot including that cars are not amphibious!

  3. oh, and thank you for your volunteerism over the years. He or she who gives of their time and talent give the true gift

  4. I’m convinced the lack of critical thinking is amok.
    ” It is possible, of course, to keep educated people unfree in a state of civilization, but it’s much easier to keep ignorant people unfree in a state of civilization. And it is easiest of all if you can convince the ignorant that they are educated, for you can thus make them collaborators in your disposition of their liberty and property. That is the institutionally assigned task, for all that it may be invisible to those who perform it, of American public education. ”
    Richard Mitchell The Graves of Academe
    This quote really changed me as I tried to figure out which category I was in. Who to listen to is not an easy job. That is why I write you grumpy old man…. your first words about changing your viewpoint not necessarily based on wisdom! I was surfing the high end security systems to see what I want in my low end budget. In retirement we managed a small lake house and recently robbed but caught idiot. Seems to me I need a camera that snaps a picture and sends it over the cellular network (no internet) to my phone that is smarter than me, then the local police can pick them up. I’d love the Blue Iris ver. 4 but didn’t stay in school long enough. Any suggestions for us on a fixed income?? appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Mark

    LawsonTrust (at) gmail or in the 806 area code you can text or call 7908600 cause I am NOW retired.

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