What the hell was I thinking?

I ponder my youth and wonder…
What the hell was I thinking?

If you’re somewhere around middle age, there’s sure to be more than one thing you did back in your tender years you’d rather not remember anymore.

I got boxes of that stuff.

I’d share some of them but I have successfully suppressed that stuff over the years.

Memory is a wonderful thing.
Twist it enough and you’ll change the bad memories to good.

Delusion is great.
All I have left is the good stuff.

There is this one thing…

This was back when I was in radio – as a disk jockey before I moved to news.

KGU was still on the roof of the old Advertiser Building and the station was #1 after Aku got off the sir.

The Advertiser had some sort of artsy museum department that put on shows off the main lobby.

One day I came in and noticed a bunch of really strange stuff on display.

An idea was born.

loose-tapeThe newsman and I gathered up about 500 feet of used recording tape, some pieces of styrofoam from a garbage can and a couple dozen used chop sticks from the lunch room in the building.

We snuck into the display area and found an unoccupied corner where we piled the tape and styrofoam about 4 feet high.

Then stuck the chop sticks in random places.

It fit right in because it was as ugly sin and so was all the rest of the stuff there.

We added a hand-lettered sign said, “Media Chaos”.

We had a lot to giggle about on the radio that day.
Life was good.

The next day we went down stairs to check things out, and I’ll be damned.

2nd place ribbonOur piece of junk had a ribbon on it: “Second Place”.

I may have missed my calling in life.

The reporter covering the show also listened to the show and she spilled the beans.

They took our ribbon back.

That’s when I started getting grumpy.

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