Apparently many of you ladies reading this are witches

I was cruising the Internet and found another one of those deep wells of fascinating information.

I have to read this stuff because the wife won’t let me go to sites with dirty pictures which is about 63-percent of the Internet.

I know.
I counted.

witche1-sizedBack in the 1600’s, checking to see if someone was a witch was big business.

Here’s a list they used back then to decide:

1. You are female

2. You are poor or cannot support yourself financially

3. You are rich or financially independent

4. You have one or more female friends

5. You have had an argument with one or more of your female friends

6. You have had an argument or disagreement with anyone

7. You are very old

8. You are very young

9. You are a midwife

witch article10. You are married with too many children

11. You are married with too few (or no) children

12. You have exhibited “stubborn,” “strange,” or “forward behavior”

13. You have a mole or birthmark

14. You have spoiled butter or milk in your home

15. You have had sex out-of-wedlock

16. You have attempted to predict the identity of your future husband

17. You wear clothing made of more than one kind of cloth or fabric

That just about covers everything, doesn’t it?
May the dark shadows cloak you in their wretched embrace.

Witch with beerOf course, if you ever watched Wizard of Oz you know there are good witches and bad witches.

This is a good witch because she’s holding a beer.

I had a blind date once a long time ago.

Over dinner she told me she was a witch.
She was also really weird.

I wonder if she ever got married.
Maybe to an Ogre.

I know some guys that have called their wife a witch but I suspect this is not what they really meant.

Probably more along the line of having to mow the lawn on Sunday instead of playing golf.

But still…

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