Shibai and humble pie

vote_for_meAn interesting change has hit the political ads in the past couple of weeks.

Let me tell you where it comes from.

A few months ago a survey was taken.

The subject was politicians and it asked people what they liked, and didn’t, about people in office.

Not surprisingly, most people said they liked the person they voted for and didn’t like everyone else’s choice.

But the big thing that came out of this survey was the majority of people feel that politicians are arrogant and don’t share the values of the people they are supposed to represent.

They think politicians are willing to do almost anything to get, and stay, in office.


Why bother to mention this?

Have you been watching the TV ads recently?

Most of the candidates are pushing “shared values”.
Brian Schatz is working that concept to death.

Colleen Hanabusa and Donna Mercado Kim and also out there pitching it.

And many, if not all, are saying something about how humble they are to ask for your vote.

So, what do we have here?

If you are optimistic, you probably believe they are wonderful people who have seen the light.

If you’re cynical, they’re telling you want you want to hear so they can get elected.

I prefer to lean cynical.

Whatever – brave the rain and wind tomorrow and vote.

If you don’t, don’t get grumpy about the results.

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