Slaughtering her Majesty

Something has been slowly growing out of control.

It started as a minor irritant and has grown into a full on attack on what makes Hawaii special.

Being an old fart I have enough to get grumpy over.
I don’t need any more.

But something has been stirring my pot the past few years and the KSSK radiothon the past day has pushed me over the edge.


And shame on any kama’aina murdering the Hawaiian names that cover our state.

I’m not going to get all activist on you, but think of this:

You’re from Iowa and I visit your lovely state.
And I call it EYE-OH-WAY.

Not good.
Damn stupid, actually.

I don’t believe there’s a state by that name in the U.S.

There are certain words that just should take some effort to get correct, especially among my former colleagues in the broadcast field.


The Queen.
The park.
The street.
The hospital.
The community college.
The lady below.

It’s all the same.

Practice it and you too may sound intelligent and well spoken.

kaplolaini laronaiIf you won’t do it for the Queen then do it for her.

Or anyone.
I don’t care.

Do it for me so I’ll stop being grumpy.


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