All I want is a screwdriver

screwdriver-sizewdIf you go into most homes, especially if a man lives there, you’ll find a common set of tools.

A hammer for beating on stuff, some pliers for getting one thing off another, a screw driver for getting one thing into another.

Pretty standard.

And most guys get a power screwdriver.
You know, the rechargeable kind.

They’re great and a good one is hard to find.

The wife and I went to Home depot a while back to get stuff for the bathroom renovation.

I figured I’d pick up a new power screwdriver because I dropped mine and it’s all busted up.
I paid $30 and it shattered like it cost $3 to make.

When was the last time you went to Home Depot or Lowes to find one of these things?

If you want a drill or a saw you’ll find dozens, ranging from cheap to ungodly expensive.

Yeah, but I wanted a rechargeable screwdriver.
They’re hard to find.

Home Depot had two – both cheap and both hidden on a bottom shelf.

I know they make better ones – they’re all over the internet.
But I didn’t want to wait for mail order – I wanted it now.

Except it appears Home Depot doesn’t want to sell you one.

They want to sell you an ungodly expensive drill instead.

That’s the only thing that makes sense.

So I bought the most expensive of the two available: $29.

I wonder how long that will last?
Probably until the first time I drop it.

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