Today I broke the Internet

Please-standy-byIt had to come to this.
I figured I must have exceeded the world’s total quota for electronic bits.

Oceanic Internet rolled over and died this afternoon.

That’s what happens when you’re burning up the intertubes goofing around.

As it turns out it wasn’t me.

It was – Time Warner.
Of course.

How silly of me to think otherwise.

The modem would connect for about 3 seconds then disconnect.

On and off and on and off.

The blinking lights were quite marvelous.
Almost like Christmas.

Minus the joy.

Okay, let’s check their website to see the status of the Internet.

Wait, the Internet has to be working to do that.

can-you-hear-me-nowTime to call Oceanic for a status check.

That was broken too.

Ten seconds of silence then a lady’s voice, “Goodbye”.

Nice meeting you too.

You get the feeling quality control has gone to hell in this country?

Hey, we’re up, again.

Quickly, check their website.

Hard to find what you need with all the ads pushing services you can buy.
When the internet is working.

Anyway, if by some miracle the soon-to-be-a-member of the COMCAST family is working, you can wade through the tsunami of ads, and if you’re lucky, find the page that lists “planned outages”.

Holy mackerel.

There’s a whole crapload of planned outages all over the place for “maintenance”.

Here’s the gem of all this: “Internet and Phone services may be intermittent or briefly unavailable due to network maintenance.”

This is why I won’t use their phone service.
The Internet dies, so does your phone.

For whatever reason – including “maintenance”.

I like Oceanic, I really do.

The people are great and the service has been a whole lot better than what people on the mainland get.

But geesh, can we keep the bits flowing better or maybe keep the fiddling with the stuff to 2 AM when most of us are sleeping?

Damn I’m feeling grumpy.

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