Meet the scum bags

We have a separate class of people in this country.

Yes, America is not class-less.
No matter what they taught you in school.

You shouldn’t be.

Let’s start at the beginning.
Do you cruise the Internet for news?

Of course you do.
Everyone does and that’s why newspapers and TV news are going in the dumpster.

protest 01Now, have you ever spent a little time looking at the comment sections of news stories on the Internet?

Probably not since that section seems to be populated by idiots and fools.

Of course that certainly includes none of the readers of this upstanding column.

You should try it.
Just for fun.

You’ll be amazed – and stunned – at the racism, anger and stupidity mixed in with crappy spelling and poor English.

More surprising is if they were forced to use their real name – you might know a few of them.

The whole idea of having a section where people can comment is the news organization thinking participation will foster loyalty to the brand and customer involvement and keep you coming back.

Intelligent discussion of the event is secondary.

What a real dumb idea that turned out to be.

It’s even dumber that they allow it continue.
A reasonable person would probably agree it’s a failure on every level.

Very few of the remarks you’ll see are worthy of any thought besides “ewww”.

Without fail these comments seem to degenerate into you vs me with each side hurling stereotypes at the others.

Let’s look at comments posted on our own Star-Advertiser.

Some selected samples from a recent story about the new telescope construction on the Big Island:

protester 02Thank you DNLR for doing your duty and arresting these violent radical racial supremacists from their obstruction of this amazing project.

Who said they were violent besides being racial supremacists? Do you know something we don’t?

How many of the protesters really understand the religion they profess to belong to? They are all such racist but always accuse others of being racist. Happy they were arrested.

Most are mainland folks hon. They constantly look for some cause to redeem their lives. Most Hawaiians know that ancient Hawaiians were favorable to tools and technology and were proto-scientist who wanted to figure things out and adapt.

Are you a chronic liar or just someone who goes and post things you know nothing about.

Just because you’re a total phony and everything about you is lie does not mean others are. take the time to google them they do not hide who they are and what they stand for.. Hawaiian held thing scared and honor them also. you like to talk about thing you know nothing about.

So many Hawaiians say the land is sacred yet they don’t care to pick up trash on a cleanup day or toss loads of trash on the side of the road. I know, how much trash do I always find dumped on the side of the road with some junk mail with a Hawaiian guy or ladies name on it.

This stuff is fairly tame compared to what you’ll find on the LA Times or Washington Post.
Makes one want to throw up.

Can you believe these are mostly Hawaii people writing this crap?

Yeah, the internet brings out the worst in people.
They write things they would never say to a person’s face.

At least not mine.

Damn this makes me grumpy.
It should you too.

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