Rainy Days and Mondays

According to those who know this stuff – most of us are sitting here grumpy because it’s Monday.

Monday sucks size 02Monday sucks.
Raise your hand if you agree.

I rest my case.

Nobody likes Monday except strange people who also like getting up early, pulling weeds and are positive and smiling all the time.

People like that drive folks crazy.
Especially on a Monday.

Old folks don’t do any of that stuff because parts could fall off.

Putting on my scientific coat – here’s why Monday’s stink for so many people…

You did one of two things:

Monday-sucks-flipped-sized-03Spent the weekend partying and now you got to go act professional, or…

Spent the whole weekend by yourself and now you have to go socialize.

Everything you ignored last week is still sitting on your desk and you bet the boss is going to be asking about it.

You know you’re going to fib and say it’s almost ready.
You just need a few minutes to take one final look through everything.

Better to get to work real fast.

And scientists say most women feel the least attractive on Mondays.
Maybe it’s the bags under the eyes from partying.

One doesn’t need to be a scientist to see those.

Not to put a damper on your day – but Mondays are also the most common day for people to suffer heart attacks and strokes.

A scientific survey done a while ago found people spend more than a half hour each Monday complaining about Monday.

Monday sucks sized 04This was usually in the morning before they got too tired to whine any more.

And most people appear to cruise through Monday.

That means the work you ignored has now got to be done the next day.

That makes Tuesdays more crappy.

Actually, the study found Tuesday to the worst day of the week because 20-percent of the people worked through their lunch and stayed late to catch up.

Most people don’t realize Tuesday is the real pits.

Now you do.
Glad to help.

Now you’re¬†grumpy like me.

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