My garage of goodies

Boxes-in-garage-sizedLife can be a series of little surprises.

Some good – some not.
This was a good one.

In a fit of boredom I was rummaging through some boxes in the garage a couple of days ago.

I have lots of boxes in the garage.
Some go back 15 years.

That’s not my garage above but sort of looks like my garage.

Actually only a little.
Mine is a bit more neat and there’s room for the car and washing machine and so forth.

Most of my boxes haven’t been opened since they were packed and I have no idea what might be inside.
Whatever I wrote on them outside has long worn off.

It’s like Christmas every time I peek inside one.

How could I deny myself that?

Sometimes a big cockroach runs out – sometimes I find something neat.
I get my excitement where I can these days.

The wife says I should throw them out because they’re taking up room.

Good grief.
No way.

She hangs pictures on every available inch of every wall.
I put boxes full of stuff in the garage.

It all balances out and we are helping keep the Universe stable.

It’s scientifically proven women don’t understand men need to have their stuff around all the time.
Someday we may actually need something in one of those boxes.

This isn’t clutter.
These are memories.

I never know what I might find.

Like this:

Ministry-thing-sizedIn this one box I find my ordination papers.

Yes, I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.
Say hallelujah!

It cost me $6 dollars for the certificate which is now somewhat old and tattered.
Like me.

I have no idea why I got it.
Maybe too many beers back when I drank too many beers.

marrage-sign02-sizedHere’s the great thing –
I can marry people.

Think of how much money I could make and joy I could spread.

I could park myself outside some popular joint on a Friday night.

Prop up a sign and hand out the temporary legal love.

Henry Kaiser once said – find a need and fill it.
So he bought Hawaii Kai back when it was pig farms and brush.

That worked out pretty well.

How can anyone be grumpy when they help love along.
Even for a few hours.


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