Ode to the nap

My first grade teacher knew what life would bring.

She prepared us by showing the one true way to put things in perspective.

School-kids-napping-sizedA lesson well learned and remembered to this day.

When things get too much – sack out for a bit.

Then we grew up and naps on the floor were such a silly thing.

Why sleep on the floor when you can sleep at your desk?

Allow me to say it before you do –

Sleep at desk - sizedIf God wanted us to sleep at our desk, there would a chair growing out of our butt.

Feel better?

Many years ago when former Honolulu City Council member Rod Tam was in the State Senate he wanted to pass a bill giving government workers time off for a nap and free snacks every day.

We all laughed him out-of-town.

Stupid of me.

When I got older I realized what a genius idea this was and I stopped laughing.

Head in a bookThere has been more than once I got a quick snooze at my desk trying to look like I was reading something.

I never fooled anyone.

They laughed at me and then went to their desk and crashed for a bit.

We were all more productive in the afternoon.

Something bosses are genetically predisposed to not understand.

When I became the boss I stopped understanding too.

I think it’s something they put in the air in the boss part of the building.


Meet Joan Faus Vitoria.

Some French Guy-sizedHe’s the Mayor of the Spanish city of Ador in Valencia, Spain.

I can’t find his picture so here’s some French guy.

He issued a proclamation creating an official afternoon nap time for the entire city.

This smart, progressive person declared 2 to 5 pm as the official time for the city’s residents to take their afternoon siesta.

More importantly. he’s telling residents to keep children indoors so they do not go outside and play with balls and disturb old people like me.

Very considerate, this mayor.

Nap time 01Scientists say study after study shows a 30-minute snooze can help relieve stress and bolster the immune systems by restoring hormones and proteins to normal levels.

Everybody should nap.

Except maybe the pilot flying the plane you’re on or the doctor while doing stuff to your insides.

I guess it would be a bad thing while making whoopee too.
Although I expect that happens a lot.

Not that I would know.

Now, every time the wife says I’m grumpy I say I’m going to take a nap.
Life is good.

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