Oh, how I love Japan

The wife loves her ancestral country because it’s clean, the people are very polite and the food makes her happy.

Ramon ladyShe could eat nothing but ramen.

I really need to have a discussion with her about carbs and pounds.

Some day.
When I feel like having my head bitten off.

As for me – I love Japan because it’s so wacky.

Japan produces and consumes more pornography then any other country.
While a great reason, that’s not why I love it.

This is why…
robot-wedding-02-sizedThe first country in the world to marry off two robots.

They take this stuff seriously.

I think Japan was also the first country where someone officially married his dog.

I’m sure there’s more than one person in this country who thought about doing it but it just didn’t happen.

I had a dog that was the love of my life.

The wife always said I’d probably have married her if she was human.

Actually – no.
Who would want a wife that bites and poops on the rug?

Anyway, meet Frois, the groom and Yukirin, the bride.

He’s pretty ugly so I presume he has money.

Then again – being able to send your lips across the room for a smooch is kind of a neat trick.
Women and lady robots like guys who have fun tricks to amuse them.
Robot-wedding-01-sizedI would really like to learn how to do it.
Think of the fun if I’m ever allowed to attend a party.

Special invitations were made for this event.

robot wedding 03-sizedIf you wanted to come – you had to pay $80.

If someone wanted to charge me to go to their wedding, it would just give me another of my 50 reasons why I can’t make it.

Sorry, have a wonderful life.

robot-wedding-05-sizedAfter the ceremony the couple even managed to cut a cake before an automated orchestra performed a song for the equivalent of their first dance.

See what I mean?

How can anyone be grumpy with all that going on?

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