Odds and ends for a Friday

Not FairThings that are not fair…

I close my eyes at home for 5 minutes.
Two hours go by.

I close my eyes at work for 5 minutes.
Thirty seconds go by.

Why is that?

It is totally unfair that overweight people get hungry.

It’s unfair attractive people are considered smarter, nicer, and more moral than unattractive people.
Luckily the wife is lovely and balances off my stupider, grumpier, immoral self.

Weird headlines found while cruising the Net…

– Animal rights activist beaten with a duck
– Working longer raises stroke risk
– Jared Fogel: enjoy a foot long in jail
– Airplane passenger tasered over his man purse
– Communists meeting to plot world domination
– Food looking different without artificial dyes
– TSA worker accused of putting finger down man’s “rear cleavage”
– The $1 Million Parking Spot
–¬†Update. Found a new one: Man assaults girlfriend with plate of sauerkraut

Have a nice weekend.

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