It’s Monday and I’m grumpy

It’s raining like hell, the dog was pacing the hallway all night and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I’m grumpy.

Where do I start…

weather-lady-fixedHow about the weather ladies on local TV.

Stop saying, “We think…”, “We’re watching…” and “We expect…”

You’re not meteorologists.

You’re just regurgitating what the National Weather Service meteorologists are saying.

Wanna be a forecaster?
Go back to school.

By the way – I’m not picking on the lady in that picture.
It’s just a picture.

I have no idea what she says because I don’t watch that station.

Update: Here’s a correction I am pleased to make.

From Ben¬†Gutierrez, an old broadcasting colleague: “For the record, the lady you pictured in the blog IS an actual meteorologist, with a degree.”

That makes my day.

Good for her.
I should note she is the only female weather person that is a meteorologist, so I wasn’t too far off the mark.

Apologies for lumping her in the wrong group.

Who’s next…

garbage-truck-sizedOne of these mornings I’m going to meet my garbage collector as he races down the street and throw a can at him.

These guys are so much in a hurry to get to their second job they put the can back down while gunning it for the next house.

The can usually ends up laying on its side in the gutter.

Cool your jets.

Lemme see…

mcdonalds-drive-through-sizedJack in the Box and McDonald’s need to straighten up.

Especially if their workers are going to end up making $15 an hour for doing $3 worth of work.

I’m getting tired of pulling out of the drive-through and finding out when I get home my order is either wrong or missing some stuff.

If I drag my hungry butt back there, no one says “I’m sorry”.
The usual answer is generally, “oh.”

I get the feeling I’m supposed to apologize for bothering them.
Excuse me for expecting you to give a damn.

And don’t hand me the “cultural thing” stuff.
It’s crappy training and accountability.

While I’m on a roll…

saggy pantsSaggy pants.

If this is an expression of your free speech then your brain is empty.

These guys look like unemployed thugs.

Pull your pants up.
Maybe you’ll get more dates.

Probably not.
That won’t give you good taste.

Yes, I feel better.
Thank you for wondering.

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