Time to pay the piper

It’s crisis time at Harrington Manor.

We are 9 days from our yearly pilgrimage to the family Thanksgiving roundup on the mainland.

Followed by visiting my money in Las Vegas.

Maybe I’ll leave some more to keep it company.

I’d rather leave it here but some anal-retentive political types feel it would damage my ability to live a wholesome and upstanding life.

lottery_tixIt’s too late for that but I have hope some form of Vegas love will still happen here.

How to you think they’ll pay for that massive over-budget rail system down the road?


You wait and see.

Anyway, back to my imbroglio.

The wife is on one of her cleaning binges while balancing her obsessive need to pack a week in advance.

She’s looking at the dozen suitcases stashed in the back room – trying to decide what color she wants this time.

In the past she has solved this problem by buying new ones.
This year she apparently is trying to do things a different way.

Use what you got.
Great concept.

purple suitcaseBeing married for what seems like forever, I’ve learned how to handle this.

Stay out-of-the-way.

And when she comes to say, “How about the purple one with pink polka dots?”…

I just say, “Sounds good.”

megabucks checkI’ve given up on hitting the mega-bucks even though *someone* has to win it so why not me?

The problem with that bit of optimism is *someone* always seems to do it a couple of days before we arrive.

The casinos dial the slots back to “no pay” and I start paying for their new room renovations.

Hope springs eternal.

Come to think of it – this is Friday the 13th.
Yipes, no wonder I’m grumpy.

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  1. Loved this “grumpy senior”. Have just found you & i’llbe back if I can find you again! I never know really how I get on this device! Thank you for bringing a smile in my day.

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