Taking my buddy on a trip

Soapbox 01 fixedDragging out my soapbox…

There’s a certain class of people who you’ll find in any country.

We all know a few of them – at least.

They work the system for all it’s worth.
The world owes them.

In their mind, they’re “special”.

They cut in lines, cheat, lie, steal and probably are unemployed because of all that.

They don’t care what you or anyone thinks.
Because they’re “special”.

My case in point:

Turkey02-sizeedWe’re looking at a big turkey en route to its plane.

This was spotted on a Delta flight and was listed as a “support animal”.

Someone needed their turkey with them so they could feel good about themselves.

So how did this jerk get away with it?


She arrived at the ticket counter with a fist full of signed stuff saying the turkey was indeed her emotional support animal.

Bet she’s fun on a date.

Turkey01-sizedDelta had no choice because the Air Carrier Access Act allows service animals to fly on planes and the law says they can’t be removed simply because other passengers don’t like it.

If they do it’s a $150,000 fine.

Another home run from Congress.

While you are digesting that, may I be the first to inform you that horses and pigs can also fly that way.

No snakes and other reptiles, ferrets, rodents, and spiders.
Thank goodness.

All the airline has to see is some letters from a mental health professional saying you need your animal to function as a normal human being.

You can get those about anywhere on the internet for $25 up to a couple of hundred.
Try here.

Now, the animal can’t walk around the cabin, or poop in the aisle or sit by an emergency exit.
Otherwise – welcome aboard.

Now, here’s the sneaky part.
You’re flying to the mainland and want to take your elephant?

It’s very expensive lugging him in the cargo hold so just claim him as your service animal and he gets to sit with you.

For free.

How many people you think have done that?
They’re “special”.

And I’m grumpy.

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