Real headlines from the ‘Net


Just a time killer.
For me in finding this stuff…and for you in reading it.

Kim Kardashian confirms that she loves social media
Time travel and booze don’t mix
Woman pretty sure her knee looks just like James Corden
Criminal investigation after man records himself peeing in Kellogg’s products
Chinese school segregates cafeteria to stop PDAs and “food flirting”
10 ways to talk dirty without being embarrassed
North Korea threatens to wipe out Manhattan
Horse gets tailored, three-piece tweed suit (with pockets)
“The Walking Dead” is coming to life
Ryan Gosling saves dog on highway in ongoing quest to achieve sainthood
Donald Trump held a rally and nothing chaotic happened for once
Hell is up for sale, again
300-year old man looks 16

I didn’t provide the links because you’re better than that.

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