Yeah, I’ve been missing

May-December romance - medI got a nice note from someone today asking if I had run off with a 16-year old or something like that.

It’s nice to be missed.

While the idea is intriguing, the answer is much more boring than that.

I went back to school.

At my age.
I must be stupid.

To prove it, here’s a bit of the gibberish I’m supposed to understand:

“Another example is given by Zp star for p prime. If p is prime, then Z*p is cyclic (of order p-1). So remember that Zp star is the multiplicative group, modular p. And if P is prime, then this contains every element from 1 to p-1. So this gives an example of a cyclic group. Now it’s easy to be confused here because p is prime, but the order of the group Zp star is not prime, it’s in fact, p-1 which for p greater than 3 will not be a prime. So this case is not covered by the previous theorem.”

I’m almost done.
With a 3.33 (B+) grade point average.

This proves the theory that guessing is a viable form of taking a test.

Not bad for not having any idea what the hell the professor talked about.

But he’s a grumpy guy so I like him.

I’ll be back.

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