Once I get past the turkey, it’s wonderful.

Since I rarely ponder my blessings at other times I shall list a few now in no particular order:

Cout-blessings-sized1) A wife that puts up with me 90-percent of the time. The other 10-percent I try to forget because it’s usually my fault. Mostly. Sort of. Once in a while. Occasionally.

2) I have a job I actually like and some very talented people who make me look good. There are a few lazy ones but all-in-all I’m a lucky guy.

3) I’m still waking up very day. At my age some would say I’m beating the odds.

4) The wife’s girlfriends who freely hand out hugs when they see me. A few don’t – their loss.

5) A couple of long-time friends. We may see each other only occasionally but we are there for each other no matter what or how long it’s been.

6) A sister who has been married for something like 50+ years to a great guy. They are the most special, decent people you could ever meet.

7) A dog who was (is) my best friend for almost 16 years. I’m still very sad she died but more happy that we had each other for a long time.

8) I recovered successfully from a few really stupid things I did in my youth thanks to some understanding people who gave me a break.

9) I never lost my curiosity.

10) Football today.

There’s more but I need a nap.

Count your own important stuff.
I’m sure there’s a lot.

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