The green grass of home

Hiding-in-the-bushes-sizedOne should always have green things around them.

Not Kermit but trees and plants and stuff like that.

The scientific people say plants are good for your health.

Think how happy you felt when standing in a garden or forest.

Especially if you weren’t lost at the time.

I like green things in the back yard.

The wife puts in some plants and gets in touch with her inner calm and all is well in the Harrington abode.


The wife is a planter.
Not a water-er.

She loves getting nice plants and sticking them in pots in the back yard.


They look very nice and she gets great happiness in having things grow and flourish.

It brings joy to my heart to watch her putter around with dirty hands.

It looks like the Garden of Eden for a month or so.

The birds and the worms and the bugs and the wife are happy.

Dead_plant_in_pot-sizedBut then….

As wonderful as she is – she’s not so good at watering them on a regular basis.

To be fair, watering interferes with talking to her girlfriends and it’s a universal law that nothing must get in the way of that.

Also to be fair, the sprinklers weren’t working.
If they were she wouldn’t have to water.

See where I’m going with this?

It’s all my fault.

Of course.
That’s the way of the world.

I don’t need to explain husbands have one job in life.
Do what the wife wants.

What the wife wants is mow the yard, replace the lightbulbs and generally keep her house looking nice.

We do our best.

She’s very sweet.
But it’s still my fault.

So I had the sprinkler guy come over on Saturday.

He made everything whole again.

Potted-Plants-good-sizedHe did in 3 hours what I have been putting off for a year.

If time is money I saved a bunch.

Procrastination in a wonderful thing.

I’m sure the wife will be happy.

As soon as she gets off the phone with her girlfriends.

I expect that will be sometime in September.

The trouble is – instead of a hug and a “Thank you” – what I’ll get is “About time.”

That’s why husband’s are grumpy.

What’s in a drow

Apparently a lot – especially if you read things backward.

Here’s the latest craziness in getting your feelings hurt.

Off we go to the City of Brotherly Love.

Home of the Steelers – one of the great football teams of the 70’s.

ziggin-zaggin-02-sizedNine buses out of Pittsburgh’s 700 have a slogan on them.

ziggin zaggin

Something to do with riding the bus I presume although it doesn’t make much sense to me.

But then I haven’t had my coffee yet.

These buses have had this since 2003.
Yup, 12 years.

From out of nowhere some folks with either Dyslexia or boredom at the bus stop have decided this hurts their feelings if they read it backwards.

Do you get the feeling America is going just a bit nuts?
Or maybe a lot.

I suspect these are the same people who worry about some monster in their closet at night.

How about these when you read them backwards?

The list could be much longer but I need a nap.

We could mix this together with all the nut jobs upset with people “misusing” the ALOHA word but that would drive most sane people off the deep end.

There’s too few of us left as it is.

ziggin and zaggin

May I suggest this be committed to memory…

Sticks and stones will break my bones
But words will never harm me.

Go forth and practice it.

And stop reading things backwards.
It’s stupid.

Some of you are making most of us grumpy.