Today I’m eating worms in the park

I’m not big on social media.
Take Twitter, please.Twitter
There’s not much you can say in a few characters.

One exception is, “This is not a drill. A missile is headed to Hawaii.”
Never has so much been said in so few words.
Never has a government agency screwed up so badly trying to explain their screw up.

But normally Twitter is not much more than someone telling the world they are eating ice cream or hanging out some place.

I check it once in a while to see what our esteemed president is ragging about but I haven’t written anything on it in a couple of years.

Last week I picked up two new followers.
Maybe they’re looking for some quiet.

FacebookThen take Facebook, please.
The wife spends most of the day cruising it to see what her girlfriends have to say or playing games.
If she stops moving longer than 5 seconds, out comes the phone.
She can’t go very long without checking in.

She’s addicted.
She denies that.
I have better sense than to continue that discussion.

I drop by occasionally to spread some “like” and look for dumb videos.

Once in a while a pretty lady “loves” something I post.
I’m in heaven.

I have a short fantasy we run away to some place romantic and drink expensive wine.

To me the cellphone is a tool, not a lifestyle.
Two billion Facebook users say I’m wrong.

That makes me grumpy but also proud to be unique.