The New Year Resolution

One of the interesting things about this time of year is how it zooms from Christmas to New Years.

We spend so many weeks getting ready for Christmas, buying stuff, going to parties, being in the Christmas spirit and then it’s here and **poof** it’s over.

2014 - signI almost feel a bit violated its yanked away so quickly.

Now everyone’s attention turns to New Years, not that it’s any great thing more than a new date and a day off.

It will be the Year of the Horse by the way.
Much better than The Year of the Rat.

Yeah, it’s supposed to symbolize a new beginning – but really, every day should be that.

People ask me…
“Have you made any New Years resolutions?”
“Just be happy.”

“How about quit smoking?”
“Nope, I doubt that would happen.”

“Lose some weight?”
“I resolve to do that every day.”

“Be nicer to people?”
“People tell me I’m pretty nice as it is.”

The wife may argue that, but I can’t win them all so I don’t worry about it.

“So you have nothing you want to improve on?”
“I try to improve and be better every day, not just once a year.”

But since so many insist, here’s something to think about for the New Year…

Life is what it is.
We can change it, we can make our lot better.

Just work up the courage and do it.

Trying and not being successful is not failure.
Success comes from struggles, attempts and defeats.

Failure comes from doing nothing.

Pick-one-sizedAs long as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and trudge on, you are a success, no matter the load you are carrying.

The world is full of people my age who look back and wish they had tried more, or turned left instead of right at some fork in the road.

You’re never too old to pick another path.

And for once, let’s all just try to be happy.

Santa has left the building

You may be surprised to learn there are four stages of life:

1) You believe in Santa Claus
2) You don’t believe in Santa Claus
3) You are Santa Claus
4) You look like Santa Claus

Yesterday I was number three – without the red suit.

christmas-mess-sizedActually I handed out presents from Santa.
Maybe that makes me number four.

Whatever, the grandkids scored big time.
They are spoiled for life.

That’s what grandparents are supposed to do.

Let them run wild and crazy, give them too much and then send them home in a full frenzy sugar rush to drive their parents crazy.

I’d like to report I believe we were quite successful.

We got a very late start with the Christmas spirit this year, what with a very sick dog and the wife trying to juggle her social schedule with her girlfriends.

I ended the day without being grumpy once and that made everyone happy.

It was a good Christmas and here’s hoping yours was too.