What ever happened to common sense?

Before anyone gets crazy – I don’t care who you vote for.

That’s your choice and no matter who wins I’ll still get a bumper sticker that says, “Don’t blame me, I voted for the other one.”

donald_trump2But I’ve been sitting around watching Donald Trump since the first time he said he “might” run for president several years ago.

Look what happened.

In my mind he is certifiable crazy.

It’s up to the professionals to attach a proper label but he seems to fit all the criteria I would use to call someone nuts.

What’s even more strange, I still can’t figure out why some people are so in love with The Donald.

Would you put up with someone like this in your real life?
Of course not.

Yeah, politics sucks and it’s been years since I’ve seen or met a politician I could admire.

In the first place you got to be a bit wacky to submit yourself to that process.

Secondly you have to be a bit delusional to look in a mirror and believe you are the answer to all the nation’s ills.

There are lots to be unhappy about in this country.

We’ve overshot the mark by miles when it comes to political correctness.
We have politicians that see nothing wrong in grabbing all the money they can to get re-elected.
We have people who look at political office as a life-long career when it was never designed to be that.

Trump speaks to all of that and for some, he is the voice of salvation…he will fix what’s wrong.

No, he won’t.

Any reasonable person should know he isn’t going to do much of what he promises.

Congress has to approve a lot of that and there’s your big red stop sign.

But the fact he runs off at the mouth and people are lapping it up is bothersome to me.

Trump SupportersTrump’s success, so far, says more about his supporters than it does about him.

Saying crazy things is not unusual.
You can find those people on many street corners preaching the world is ending.

Bet you just keep on walking.

I’m not worried about Trump.
I’m worried about the people who love him.

They should be able to see through it.
Yeah, and Hillary too.

This election is making me grumpy.

Being a bit dumb in the rain

I have spent more than 30 years working with Civil Defense with the City.
Yes, it’s got a different name now but does the same stuff.

I have hundreds of hours in the middle of floods, hurricanes, storms, whatever.
I’ve directed traffic, evacuated people, fought brush fires and pulled drunks out of car wrecks.

Flooded road 24Jul2016One thing I have never understood is why people try to drive through a flooded road too fast or too deep.

They almost always end up stalled and sitting, looking stupid, with two feet of water in their car.

Is it because they are incapable of understanding what might happen?

Or maybe they’re missing too many brain cells to figure it out.

I guess that’s the same thing.

There’s really only two things to remember.
Maybe writing it down and pasting it on the dashboard might help:

1) Drive through deep water too fast and the water will pile up in front of your car, move into the engine compartment and kill the engine.
If water gets into the engine through the intake manifold while it’s running, it’ll destroy the engine.

2) Try to drive through water too deep and water gets onto the engine compartment, no matter how slow you’re going, and kill the engine.
If it gets into the intake manifold while it’s running it’ll destroy the engine.

It’ll also flood your car’s interior making it a piece of expensive, moldy junk.

Almost without exception, when I came up on one of these scenes, the driver was a young guy or a woman.
Figure out your own reasons – I’m not going there.

Seriously, if the road has a foot of water on it, don’t go there.
If there is about 6 inches of water on it, go real slow.

It’s not hard to remember.

Lecture over.

I feel better, thank you.