Where ya going?

The wife has this need.
Yes, everyone has needs but this one is different.
She needs to know where everyone is.

I can go get something from the garage and she’ll say, “Where were you?”
“I was in the garage.”
“Oh, you didn’t say anything when you left.”

When I left?
The garage is like 50 feet away.
It’s not like I was off to Las Vegas for the weekend.

Today I’m in the bathroom.
Door is closed which usually means serious stuff is happening.

She knocks (almost hammers) on the door.
“Whatcha doing?”

Now seriously, what the hell would anyone be doing in the bathroom?
I certainly am not giving the car a tune-up.

She can head down the hallway and as she passes my office says, “I’m going to take a shower.”
“That’s nice.”
Do I really need to know that?
It’s not like she’s going to Macys for some power shopping.

I don’t get it.
That’s why I’m grumpy.